I Almost Forgot

Thursday, February 4, 2016

No, I didn't! Third place was all mine! Third! 12-4! The playoffs were super stressful and I could have taken the WHOLE thing if it weren't for a certain running back on the Atlanta Falcons having the GAME OF HIS LIFE! David Johnson, I'm looking at you. But I forgive you. You've made a new fan of me. And, I can finally enjoy Sundays. Husband too. I don't know who likes that more. Until next year!

P.S. 10-4 in basketball!  

She Gave It Her All Vintage Ribbons via Pocket Full of Heirloom

There's Such a Difference Between Us and a Million Miles

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Oh, Adele.  You are so right...about SO many things.  

I don't know about you, but I'd rather go without a lot of people these days.  And it's supposed to be the season of celebrating!  I just want the people I want, you know?  But others do too, and that can hurt.  Sometimes, the holidays bring out a certain edge -- attitudes, expectations, inclusions, exclusions and hurt feelings.  I think these pressures, perceptions, and slights can really exist, other times are perceived, or can be learned -- rusty remnants leftover from childhood.  No matter the sneaky source, my hope and goal this year is to be in the moment and unaffected by the peripheral stress.  I mean, I'm thisclose to committing to New Year's cards.  I'm totally zen.

It's been a busy time for us in general, let alone the holiday season.  I confess I haven't fully found my holiday spirit just yet (even though I've been a lucky winner two nights in a row at holiday parties!).  Maybe it's in the mail.  Or when we put up our holiday lights this weekend.  Regardless, I'm sure after tomorrow, I'll really, truly, deeply find it.  Kicking it off with a night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my people.  True to form, I find myself thanking the technology gods once again for online shopping.  I would be lost without it. 

P.S.  11-3!  And I'm off to the playoffs!  Remember this?

Beautiful capture by Alasdair McLellan via The New York Times 

It Feels Like

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December! I can't believe it! Just a few weeks left to push through. My office countdown has begun! Let's do this!

Image by John Dunfee 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We've been in our new place just over a month -- we're happily settling in and it's starting to feel like home.  Like most things, the new starts to become familiar. And perhaps even the favorite. Having a serious view doesn't hurt!  While initially seriously upset, the kitties have since given their furry stamps of approval.  It took a little time -- we're relieved. 

It's been a busy and grateful season -- these are a few favorite memories from these past weeks and months.  We both rang in another year of life (31!) and love (anniversaries!).  The best dinners with the best company.  U-pick farms with bossy goats.  Celebrating husband's birthday with the RADDEST private wine tasting tour.  Learning how to test and taste wine grapes for ripeness.  Weekend getaway.  Roadtrips.  Hikes, hikes, and hikes!  Our private beach!  Margarita nights and Homeland marathons.  Kitchen dance parties.  It's nice to be remembered, known, seen, and reminded that you are liked and loved.  

Tomorrow, we'll be busy in the kitchen making, baking, and celebrating those we love.  There is much to be thankful for, even if it can get lost in the everyday routine.  With current and tragic events, I'm reminded that we are so, so lucky.  We look forward to the holiday season ahead with love for those that are with us and those who shine on, living within our hearts.  Clear eyes, full hearts.    

P.S.  Not pictured -- the last-minute family IKEA run this morning.  There's no one I'd rather LITERALLY run and race through IKEA's endless marketplace with than you.  And in 15 minutes, no less!  A record or something!

P.P.S.  9-2!  I KNOW!