Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We've been in our new place just over a month -- we're happily settling in and it's starting to feel like home.  Like most things, the new starts to become familiar. And perhaps even the favorite. Having a serious view doesn't hurt!  While initially seriously upset, the kitties have since given their furry stamps of approval.  It took a little time -- we're relieved. 

It's been a busy and grateful season -- these are a few favorite memories from these past weeks and months.  We both rang in another year of life (31!) and love (anniversaries!).  The best dinners with the best company.  U-pick farms with bossy goats.  Celebrating husband's birthday with the RADDEST private wine tasting tour.  Learning how to test and taste wine grapes for ripeness.  Weekend getaway.  Roadtrips.  Hikes, hikes, and hikes!  Our private beach!  Margarita nights and Homeland marathons.  Kitchen dance parties.  It's nice to be remembered, known, seen, and reminded that you are liked and loved.  

Tomorrow, we'll be busy in the kitchen making, baking, and celebrating those we love.  There is much to be thankful for, even if it can get lost in the everyday routine.  With current and tragic events, I'm reminded that we are so, so lucky.  We look forward to the holiday season ahead with love for those that are with us and those who shine on, living within our hearts.  Clear eyes, full hearts.    

P.S.  Not pictured -- the last-minute family IKEA run this morning.  There's no one I'd rather LITERALLY run and race through IKEA's endless marketplace with than you.  And in 15 minutes, no less!  A record or something!

P.P.S.  9-2!  I KNOW!

Word Wednesday

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How Timely

Monday, November 2, 2015

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Fall Break!

Monday, October 19, 2015

You're FINALLY here!  After days, weeks, and long MONTHS of seriously grinding at work and MAJOR overtime (it's ugly!), there is a teeny, tiny reprieve.  An actual BREAK!  Capital letters, italics, and exclamation points just DO NOT do it any justice!  At all.  Fall Break, I've had my eye on you.  Since, well, January.  It's true love.  Now that you're here, please be kind and stay awhile.  We've got big plans for you.  There will be dancing. 

P.S.  5-0!  Speechless.

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